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Environmental Law a Hot Topic Heading Into Biden’s Reign

A new partnership between Ed-tech company Everspring Inc. and Tulane University Law School is aiming to leverage online technological capabilities in order to bolster energy and environmental law offerings—both areas of interest as lawmakers continue to grapple with complex energy policy considerations.

Biden smile 5621670 640An announcement shows two new Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) programs will be offered and they will be conducted 100% online, just like the school’s Master of Jurisprudence in Labor & Employment Law (MJ-LEL) and online certificate courses with respect to Title IX.

“Everspring has expanded its footprint to a nationwide audience with the online MJ-LEL program and Title IX certification programs,” said Joel Friedmann, founder of the online portfolio of programs and Tulane University’s Jack M. Gordon Professor of Procedural Law and Jurisdiction. “The combination of their learning design solutions to support course development and sophisticated marketing techniques to attract students has been critical to the growth of our programs. It was a logical step to expand this record of success for Energy Law and Environmental Law.”

The programs are specifically geared toward “busy professionals whose responsibilities demand enhanced legal expertise,” reads information from the announcement. Oil and gas, renewables, electric and nuclear power are all heavily regulated industries, it adds, and the syllabus is designed to prepare students to work with the government bodies, advocates and agencies in the environmental law field.


HLS Environmental & Energy Law Program @HarvardEELP Feb 8

"FERC will be an indispensable player in this admin's clean energy agenda. "It’s the federal regulator of two major energy industries--the power sector and the natural gas industry--so it matters a lot in how this energy transition plays out.”

“With a rapidly expanding body of laws at the national, state and local levels, these new MJs in Energy Law and Environmental Law help working professionals advance their careers in dynamic and demanding fields,” said Beth Hollenberg, president of Everspring. “Our experienced team and proprietary technology facilitate a new level of connection between students and the top law professors at Tulane for an unmatched educational experience.”

Energy Policy Has Taken On a New Complexion

Energy has been a popular topic as President Joe Biden’s administration ushers in an agenda substantially different from that of former President Donald Trump. Recently, Biden issued an executive order, effectively killing the polarizing Keystone XL oil pipeline. The president said the project was not in line with the current administration’s economic goals.

“Because most greenhouse gas emissions originate beyond our borders, such engagement is more necessary and urgent than ever,” reads the order. “The United States must be in a position to exercise vigorous climate leadership in order to achieve a significant increase in global climate action and put the world on a sustainable climate pathway. Leaving the Keystone XL pipeline permit in place would not be consistent with my Administration’s economic and climate imperatives.”

That decision was so controversial it prompted the new chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, Sen. Joe Manchin, who like Biden is a Democrat, to ask the President to reconsider the order, reads an article from the Associate Press. Manchin, of West Virginia, pointed to the thousands of jobs that will be lost as a result of the action.

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